This Pizza Has Peanut Shells To Prevent Allergic Reactions

Conversations and quotes in this article have been transcribed from the Foodbeast Katchup podcast: "#112: Building Theme Parks inside Pizza Parlors w/John's Incredible Pizza," out now on Spotify, the Apple Podcasts App, and most major platforms where podcasts are heard.

John's Incredible Pizza is a birthday party staple in California, as they quite literally have built theme parks within their pizza parlors. From actual rides like bumper cars and tilt-a-whirls, this place is like Chuck-e-Cheese's on steroids.

Even with the glitz that comes from its entertainment, its bread and butter its pizza, and one of its most popular pizzas for decades has been their Spicy Peanut Butter pizza.


Fans of the pizza place have surely tried the spicy PB pizza, and have probably wondered why there's a smattering of whole peanuts sitting atop the pie.

Founder John Parlet actually let us into his thought process for putting shelled peanuts on his hit pizza while on the the Foodbeast Katchup Podcast.


Parlet said his thinking behind it, was to make sure there is never any confusion of what kind of pizza it is, and specifically keeping people with nut allergies away from it.

"I want a peanut plugged on every slice," Parlet said on the Katchup podcast. "There's no parent that's going to make that mistake that way."

Parlet created the pizza 27 years ago, and thanks to his nifty little whole-shell peanut presentation, there has never been an issue from anyone with allergies.


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If you ever do find yourself at John's Incredible Pizza and see the peanut parked on your pizza slice, you now know that it has a purpose and isn't just a novelty.