Fancy Pancake Printer Makes The Future Look Tasty


I’ve never met a pancake I didn’t like. Ever since Mickey Mouse ear pancakes at Disney Land, pancake shapes have thoroughly impressed me. But I’ve never been able to pull off the pancake designs that Pancake artists like Nathan Shields can. In fact I’m lucky when my pancakes are even perfectly round. That’s why this new invention by Norway-based food enthusiast Miguel Valenzuela gets my heart pumping. This man created a pancake printer for his daughters and although it’s not for sale yet, the future is looking tastier already.

Valenzuela originally created his robot out of Legos, but stepped it up a notch with stepper motors, clear acrylic, and Arduino controllers. The new model can draw out any pancake design entered into the program, from your favorite Star Wars characters to architectural masterpieces. The design made it’s debut at the Bay Area Maker Faire and breakfast just got even more fun!


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Written by's Paul Caridad