Ladies And Gentleman, The Next Crazy OREO Flavor Will Be BROWNIE BATTER


Oreo has been consistently releasing different seasonal flavors, and it looks like the next one up to bat will be a Brownie Batter flavor.

A photo submitted to the Impulsive Buy shows a nice close up look at the package, and if history has shown us anything, a nationwide release probably isn't far behind.


It looks like it's a standard chocolate outer cookie, but the filling is made of a brownie batter-flavored creme.

Photos surfaced a couple weeks ago as fans got a sneak peek of the new cookie at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Illinois.

Spied these Brownie Batter #oreos yesterday at #SSE15, but they're news to us. New flavors on the way? @oreo

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Nabisco's probably stoked that they had a little more control over who saw this flavor at the expo, because they were pretty mad that their previous flavors kept getting leaked without their approval.

You might not be able to lick the batter off the spoon with these, but you'll surely have fun licking the frosting off the cookie.