How Much Pizza One Dollar Can Get You Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pizza is one of the most universally enjoyed foods around the world. You can find a slice just about everywhere you look these days, but the cost of those pieces of pie may vary quite a bit.

To illustrate this, UK-based Climadoor created an infographic that shows off how much pizza $1USD can get you in different countries around the world. All of the prices are based off of the average cost of a large margherita pizza, one of the simplest yet tastiest variants out there.

It's somewhat shocking to see where some of these end up and how much pizza costs can differ globally. Take a look at the below infographic to see the stark contrasts in price:


New Zealand is home to the cheapest pies, where a whole large margherita goes for about $3.46 each. That's a massive price difference compared to Finland, the most expensive country on this list, at a whopping $26.50 per pie. It's still incredibly cheap compared to the United States, where a large margherita costs about $13.99 on average.

This pizza infographic is a pretty interesting way to think about how much costs can differ based on where you live. It's almost like the Big Mac Index, which does the same for the iconic McDonald's sandwich. However, Climadoor's graphic differs in that it looks at how much of a pizza you can get for a buck, rather than the full cost.

You can take a look at the full costs of large margherita pizzas per country, though, at the table below:


Photo courtesy of Climadoor

Makes you think about just how different pizza, and food, for that matter, can cost around the globe.