Here's The Reason Noisy Eaters Piss You Off So Much

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We all have that friend who continuously slurps their soup, and if you get the urge to toss their bowl at the wall just so you won't have to hear that cartoonish sound coming from their mouths, you actually have a brain abnormality called misophonia.


A recent study on Current Biology showed that people with misophonia were triggered by everyday sounds such as loud chewing, slurping, drinking, hell, even breathing.

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The researchers used an MRI to study the subjects, and when they heard these noises, they'd experience hyperactivity in different parts of the brain that led to anger and anxiety. These sounds also led to sped up heart rates and changes in the skin caused by emotional stress.

These misophonic responses start as early as the age of 12, which means you've probably experienced these annoyances since before high school.


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Unfortunately, this hasn't been treated as a disorder in the medical community, so there isn't really any quick fix for it, but the recearchers on this study hope their findings will be a step forward in treating these triggers.

So the next time you punch your roommate's face in for chewing like a cow, you can justify it by informing him you have misophonia.