We Went To A Restaurant That Only Serves Frogs

Photo: Peter Pham

When it comes to eating frogs in the United States, folks rarely venture past sampling some grilled or fried frog's legs.

With that in mind, finding an all-frog restaurant, specializing in all cuts of the animal and different ways to serve them, is a true culinary treat.


In Rowland Heights, California, you can find Mr. Frog, one of the quirkiest restaurants you'll set foot into. The walls are plastered with cartoon depictions of frogs, and even the chairs showcase frog designs.

The main dish Mr. Frog specializes in is frog hot pots, which come in flavors like Signature Basil, Hot & Sour, or Extra Spicy (Sichuan). They uses cuts from the frog legs and backs, and infuse a ton of flavors and veggies.


Each hot pot can serve 2-3 people comfortably, and is best with some accoutrements on the side. We opted for rice crackers to soak up some of the hot pot, but a bowl of rice or even some lotus crisps are just as effective.

If you've never had frog before, think of it as a more tender and sweet variation on chicken, that almost melts in the mouth when perfectly cooked like a piece of fish. It takes on the flavor of the hot pots extremely well, and is almost purely protein, for those looking for health reasons to try frog.

I was skeptical of trying frog like this at first, but my mom, who grew up eating frog like this in China, was able to guide me through. By the end of the meal, I was tearing into pieces of frog as vigorously as she was, and even agreed that the back pieces were more tender, and even more flavorful, than the legs we are accustomed to sampling.

To see our full experience at Mr. Frog, peep the video at the top of this story. If it inspires you, definitely go check Mr. Frog out for yourself!