Minions and NERDS Candy Corn Are New Treats Coming This Halloween

Though polarizing to many, candy corn still ranks in the top three Halloween candies as ranked by the National Confectioners' Association. Leveraging the popularity of the Halloween treat, Ferrara is coming out with new versions of candy corn in the form of NERDS candy corn and Minions candy corn.


Here's the details on both:

  • NERDS Candy Corn: Winner of the Sweets and Snacks “Seasonal Award” at the 2021 Sweets and Snacks Expo, NERDS Candy Corn features candy coated shells wrapped around soft and chewy NERDS fruity centers.  
  • Minions Candy Corn: Minions-themed Candy Corn features three flavors in one – banana, blue raspberry, and vanilla. The seasonal packaging ties with the upcoming 2022 Minions movie release and Halloween together.

Both candies will be available at retailers just in time for Halloween, though for a limited time only.