Nothing Says "I Love You" Like A McNuggets Marriage Proposal

Guys, if your girlfriend loves McNuggets and you're thinking of asking her the big question, this may be the way to do it.

A dude in Illinois wanted to propose to his girlfriend, who happens to LOVE the chicken McNuggets at McDonald's so much that she constantly tags him in Facebook posts relating to the nuggets, and would apparently even "completely die for chicken nuggets." He told the Lincoln Courier that her love for nuggets was so deep that they simply "had to be somewhat in the mix of the proposal."


After getting the blessing from his girlfriend's parents, the guy went to a nearby McDonald's early in the morning and asked for McNuggets. While he was initially denied his request because it was still breakfast hours, the entire staff got together, prepped the necessary equipment, and cooked a special order of 20 McNuggets once the manager learned that he wanted them for a wedding proposal.

After embedding a ring in one of the nuggets, the guy drove to his girlfriend's to pop the question. While she was still a little groggy, he hand-delivered her the box of McNuggets. As she opened the box up, he got down on one knee and asked the question:

"Will You McMarry Me?"


The girlfriend was totally surprised, but didn't have to even think for a second before she said "Yes!" And why wouldn't she? When you're that much of a McNugget lover and the love of your life does something as creative as that, I don't see how you wouldn't.

It's definitely a crazy story and a challenge to pull off, but hey, if your significant other really, REALLY loves McNuggets... this might just be the way to do it.