McDonald's Japan Unveils Stunning Cherry Fruit Soda For Cherry Blossom Season


As the popular Japanese Cherry Blossom season continues, more and more brands are incorporating the aromatic flavor of the pink flower into their items.

Rocket News 24 reports that Japan McDonald's Corporation announced that they'll be releasing two new beverages to coincide with cherry blossom season: the McFizz Sakuranbo and the McFloat Sakuranbo. The latter features a swirl of vanilla soft-serve.


Sakuranbo, or cherry fruit, is the prominent flavor of the beverage which is a retooling of  McDonald's Japan's Sakura Cherry McFizz last year. The new beverage is said to be on the fruitier side than the more floral tasting drink from the previous year.

You can find the Sakuranbo drinks at all participating McDonald's Japan locations beginning March 8 through early April.