McDonald's Is Seeing If Size Matters With Two New Big Macs

The Big Mac, arguably the most popular burger at McDonald's, is getting some variety. No, they're not going to release a spicier burger or one with fish filets instead of beef. Rather, the company is testing Big Macs in a few different sizes.

Nation's Restaurant News reports that the two new variants will be called the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr. currently being tested at locations in Central Ohio and Dallas/Fort Worth.


Customers who wallow in sadness after they devour their original Big Macs will have more meat to chew on in the Grand Mac with features two 1/3 pound beef patties.

Those who can't commit to a regular-sized Big Mac can now order the Mac Jr. which features only a single beef patty.

If the tests prove successful, expect to see the new Big Mac burgers hit national McDonald's locations.