How This Family-Run Candy Shop Has Made Millions Of Candy Canes Over 40 Years

Candy canes are a quintessential holiday treat that encapsulates the entire day of Christmas into a single sweet.


It's also a true craft and skill to make them by hand, and one family-run shop has nearly 90 years of experience making millions of them.


Logan's Candies in Ontario, California has been providing candy canes and other fresh-made treats for nearly 90 years. The current owner, Jerry Rowley, has been doing it for over four decades, and estimates that he's made over 2 million candy canes in his tenure, easily averaging over 100,000 per year.

Rowley has become a master of candy cane crafting and hosts ticketed workshops in the store, where folks can get a front row seat to see how it's done. The experience is truly magical, especially during the holiday season.

Check out one of his sessions in the video at the top of this story, and you'll see why folks flock in to ogle over the fresh candy canes. Very little has changed in the process over the years, as the shop still uses the same heating process, the same hook, and the same techniques to maker sure every candy cane is done perfectly.

You have to try one as well, as the texture and taste of a freshly made candy cane is monumentally different from your typical store-bought variety.

Logan's Candies does ship nationwide all year long, so even if it's not Christmas, you can call the store and get an order of fresh sweets.