Lobster Mac n' Cheese and Lobster Rolls are Back at Panera Bread

After three years of being off the menu, two fan favorites finally make their way back to Panera Bread. Foodies in the Northeast will be able to feast on Lobster Rolls and Lobster Mac n' Cheese at nearly 200 Panera locations for a limited time.

Simply reading Lobster Mac n' Cheese will already make you hungry but when you find out it's made with a silky Vermont white cheddar and buttered claw and knuckle lobster meat, your mouth will (and should) be watering.


The lobster roll is all about the meat, which is tossed in a lemon tarragon mayo-based dressing and piled a mile high into a soft New England roll.

Head Chef & Chief Innovation Officer at Panera, Claes Petersson knows what the fans want and is happy to deliver:

“At Panera, we change our menu regularly to bring in the flavors of the seasons and we’re thrilled to offer our East Coast guests two outstanding Lobster entrees for the summer. Pairing juicy, delicious lobster with our iconic mac & cheese is truly The Familiar, Made Fantastic™ —and it’s a bold flavor sensation we think our guests will wish could be on the menu all year round.”

Time to make a trip to the East Coast? They have the best seafood anyways. YEAH, I SAID IT!