Lay's Just Announced 8 New Flavors, Including Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Lay's just revealed a brand new lineup of chip flavors called the "Tastes of America." Each product captures the essence of popular regional dishes from across the U.S.

A lot of trendy and fun flavors are being capitalized on in this new set of chips, and several classic creations are also getting a nod.

tastes of america

Headlining the "Tastes of America" product line is Lay's new Deep Dish Pizza flavor, inspired by the Chicago restaurant legend Giordano's. These chips are supposed to taste as close to the deep dish pizza icon as possible.

Other new chips in the lineup include:


New England Lobster Roll, representing the Northeast U.S.

Pimento Cheese, a classic dish from the South and Southeast U.S.

Thai Sweet Chili, one of the most popular flavors you can find in the Pacific Northwest.


Fried Pickles with Ranch, capitalizing on the pickle trend sweeping the country right now.

Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice, aka Old Bay without saying the name.

Chile con Queso, a Tex-Mex favorite.


And a Cajun Spice blend from the Gulf Coast.

Lay's is also bringing back a few regional favorites for other parts of the U.S., as well. Ketchup chips from the Northeast, Fried Green Tomato from the Southeast, and West Coast Truffle Fries are also coming back for a brief time.

All of these new flavors will have region-exclusive launches on July 30, meaning that you can only find each product in the area it was inspired by. But while the Deep Dish Pizza may only be in physical stores in places like Chicago, anybody can buy any of the flavors online starting on the 30th, so you won't have to road trip everywhere to get a bag of each.

Lay's "Tastes of America" chips will only be around in stores and online through Sept. 23.

All photos courtesy of Lay's.