This Is What Kylie Jenner Eats For Breakfast Every Morning

Kylie Jenner gets a lot of flack for her food posts, as people claim she's a spoiled kid who has never been in a kitchen, but those who follow the star closely, know that she actually does enjoy cooking.

On her personal blog, Jenner revealed what her breakfast usually looks like, and it's not some fancy omelette that's prepared by a personal chef, or a million dollar truffle. The celebrity teen's breakfast typically consists of a turkey sausage, egg and rice stir-fry, according to Hello! Magazine.

Those who follow Kylie on Snapchat have seen her whip up breakfast before, as in 2016, she snapped herself cooking up some bacon, a chicken apple sausage scramble, and french toast coated with Frosted Flakes.


She has even snapped herself making cinnamon roll waffles, as she just put the Pillsbury rolls in a waffle maker.

They're not the most complex meals to whip up, but breakfast shouldn't be complicated. Breakfast should just be delicious, and her concoctions sound pretty damn good.