King's Hawaiian Just Stepped Into The BBQ Game With 4 New Sauces

King's Hawaiian, makers of those iconically orange-packaged sweet rolls, are looking to sweeten up our grills, too, with the release of their new barbecue sauce line.

The collection consists of four unique flavors for complementing meats, sandwiches, and, of course, their own King's Hawaiian bread.

"King’s Hawaiian worked with Hawaiian chefs and culinary experts to understand rich and uniquely irresistible flavor profiles that would allow them to develop a line of sauces that would complement the deliciously sweet, soft and fluffy bread that we all know and love."


Say aloha to the new flavors below:


Photos by Pete Pham


  • Big Island Lava, the spiciest of the quartet, with red Jalapeños and 'spicy island flavor.' Recommended meat pairings: chicken (drumsticks and wings), fish.
  • Original Sweet Pineapple, a 'bold' pairing of tangy BBQ zest with sweet pineapple. Recommended meat pairings: chicken, pulled pork, fish, burgers.
  • Smoked Bacon, with traces of actual bacon in a smoky and savory blend. Recommended meat pairings: beef brisket, ribs, burgers.
  • Kona Coffee, consisted of a light blend of Kona coffee.Recommended meat pairings: ribs, pulled pork, burgers.

King's Hawaiian sweet roll with pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and King's Hawaiian Big Island Lava sauce

King's Hawaiian BBQ Sauces are available at nationwide retailers for purchase with a suggested retail price of $5.00 per bottle.