Kinder Joy Eggs Are Now Launching Across The USA For The Very First Time

This past May, Fortune reported that Kinder Joy Eggs would be arriving in the USA starting in 2018. However, it looks like we'll be getting those chocolate surprises a little bit earlier than anticipated.

Kinder Joy Eggs
Photo courtesy of Ferrero USA.


A press release from Ferrero USA, the brand behind Kinder, confirms that the eggs will be distributed en masse nationwide beginning this month. You can now start tracking them down at virtually every type of store out there for $1.59 each.

The eggs-cellent stocking stuffer will consist of two separate egg halves. One portion will be the edible chocolate treat, consisting of layers of sweet milk cream and cocoa cream. Two chocolate wafers stuffed with that cocoa cream will also be inside of the edible egg half. The other part will contain one toy randomly selected from a vast range of potential playthings. You won't know which gizmo you've received until you open up the egg, adding in a surprise factor that's made the original Kinder eggs popular internationally.

Kinder Joy Eggs aren't the same as the iconic Kinder eggs, where the toy is encased inside of an entire chocolate egg. However, this 50-50 version is valid under FDA guidelines since the toy and egg are kept separate. Otherwise, Kinder Eggs would never have made it into the country for purchase in the first place.


It may not be quite the same as a traditional Kinder Egg, but Kinder Joy Eggs evoke a nearly identical sweetness and thrill when you open them up.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Walmart has reached out to Foodbeast to confirm that they will be carrying Kinder Joy Eggs starting Black Friday, November 24th. They'll sell for $1.34.