Jimmy Kimmel Fools Juice Enthusiasts into Praising Tang and Skittles Water [WATCH]


Cold-pressed juices have been never been more popular than in the last year. With health enthusiasts paying up to $8 for a bottle of fresh juice, it seems that price is not a factor when it comes to health.

Late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel has been known to prank his fans every now and then. In keeping with the juicing theme, Kimmel set up a fake shop in the heart of the Los Angeles Farmers market.


There, he offered four flavors from his faux brand, "Jüce," to the market patrons. Among them Soul (Fun Dip), Cure (Tang), Detox (Creamsicles) and Rainbow (Skittles).

Offering no nutritional value, watch as folks give nothing but compliments to these fictional flavors. Some of the reactions to these sugary drinks are downright hilarious.