KFC Brings Chicken Littles Back to the Menu, and They Totally Just Look Like KFC Snackers

After 20 years off the menu and hordes of fans petitioning and nagging and Facebook fan page-building, KFC has finally brought back its popular Chicken Littles sandwiches nationwide - "updated for the 21st century and even better than the original!"

For the unfamiliar: the original Chicken Little featured a soft dinner roll, a breaded chicken patty and a smidge of mayonnaise; and was, at least according to Brand Eating, "reminiscent of your childhood school cafeteria lunch" and "simplicity in itself."


The new version, on the other hand, looks almost exactly like the KFC snacker, minus the lettuce and the sesame seeds and perhaps in a slightly more appetizing roll. They've switched the old chicken patty for an Extra Crispy chicken strip, topped it with pickle slices and the Colonel's signature mayo and sandwiched it between two halves of a sweet bun.

Diehard purists all over the interweb have already voiced their dissatisfaction at yet another teasing, half-hearted return of their beloved sammich (the first being the Snackers themselves--introduced in 2005), though promotional images do look completely scrumptious. So while old fans may take a little more convincing, no doubt KFC's Chicken Littles will have no want for new fans lining up to try them out.


New KFC Chicken Littles are available at KFC locations nationwide, $1.29 each or $5 for the combo (two sandwiches, a side and a medium drink).

And as part of their promotional campaign, KFC has teamed up with CollegeHumor to host a "Little Workplace Humor” video contest from now until September 18th, for a chance for contestants to win up to $5,000 for playing the best office pranks.

Have at thee.