You Can Rent This Car That Transforms Into A Korean BBQ Setup

Photos courtesy of Chef Chris Oh

There's a Korean BBQ car driving around the streets of Southern California, and it has the ability to bring an entire KBBQ restaurant experience to your driveway.


The "KBBQ Car," designed by Chef Chris Oh, was created as a way to bring a Korean BBQ restaurant to people during the pandemic. It took a few months to design, and the results are both sleek and spectacular.


Inside of the car is a motorized table, complete with a barbecue grill in the center, room for cheese corn/egg, and even a wall-mounted TV. The car also has strobe lights, speakers, and a feature that allows it to lower itself so the table is at an appropriate height for eating.

The table can seat four people at a time, so if your household or friends want to go big on a meal, this could be a fun way to get together and bring the restaurant to your driveway.


Photo courtesy of Chef Chris Oh

Depending on the experience that you book, there will be variety of meats and Korean side dishes available, and there might even be soju or beer you can get as well. One of the more recent limited-time bookings of the KBBQ car also featured A5 wagyu beef, so getting high-end like that is also a possibility.

The standard experience comes in at $500, and can be booked through the KBBQ car's website. It comes with 4 pounds of meat (there's an option to add on more), 2 bottles of soju (with the option to add more) and Korean beer, plus a variety of sides and steamed rice. You can choose from honey gochujang pork belly, Kalbi shortrib, bulgogi ribeye for your meat options.

More premium option add-ons include a bottle of Korean vodka, or a $150 upgrade to add A5 wagyu beef.

At this time, the Korean BBQ Car is only available in Southern California.