K.O. Your B.O. With This Deodorant Candy

Ever tire of swiping Speed Stick on your tender underarms? Ever wish your sweat smelled like a garden bouquet?

Introducing the newest addition to the growing group of "functional foods" and "edi-cosmedis": Edible deodorant. And no, not that kind, you sicko. No armpit-licking is required.

American company Beneo and Bulgarian confectioner Alpi have created the Deo Perfume Candy, a rose-flavored candy that claims to make a person excrete a floral aroma for up to six hours. Their website explains:


Geraniol is a natural antioxidant and its fragrance, once consumed as a candy, leaves the body through its pores, creating a naturally sweet smell that can last for hours.

The treats look like throat lozenges and are packaged in girly pink and purple. There's even a sugar free version for those who want to smell good and stay svelte. While the U.S. has yet to stock their shelves with the product (and where would drugstores even put it-- the candy aisle or the deodorant aisle?), it's already sold in Germany, China, Korea, Armenia, and Spain.

Deo Perfume Candy is great for those days when you forget to apply Old Spice, Secret, or whatever your pit stain poison. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth and let the wind waft your heavenly scent through the air.