'Tomato Wrap' Might Be The Weirdest In-N-Out Secret Menu Item Out There

We all thought that the In-N-Out secret menu was completely figured out. Tons of comprehensive guides to the fast food chain's in-the-know items exist out there, and not one of them has uncovered what we just found out.

It turns out that In-N-Out has had a secret menu item all along that we didn't know existed until today. A YouTube channel called RoommateThings uncovered this rare secret item in the deep annals of the internet and decided to go and try it for themselves.


Photo: John D. on Yelp

The secret menu item is a novel way to order your burger: Tomato Wrap Style. It's similar to getting any burger protein style, but instead of lettuce serving as your buns, tomato slices are used instead. The result is what can only be described as the juiciest, messiest burger experience possible.

We did our own search on the internet for this burger, and could only find it in a few photos and reviews on Yelp. It's not too hard to see why, as ordering Tomato Wrap Style doesn't result in the most appealing burger.

While I'm not entirely sure if I'd go try this myself, if you're down with a protein-style burger and tons of juicy tomato, then this may be the secret menu item you've been looking for.