In-N-Out Goes All In, Will Open 50 RESTAURANTS In Colorado

In-N-Out has been a California staple over 60 years, and while it has sprinkled a few locations outside the Golden State, it plans to take a giant leap in Colorado.

The plan is to open up to 50 restaurants, as In-N-Out will be opening a beef production facility and distribution center in Colorado Springs, according to the OC Register.


The distribution center is key, as one of the major reasons In-N-Out hasn't ventured too far away from California, is its commitment to freshness attitude, keeping its restaurants fairly close to its production facilities.

Outside of California, Texas actually built its own processing plant, as well, leading to 36 restaurants being built in the Lone Star State since 2011.


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Setting up a plant of its own gives Colorado similar flexibility to Texas, and as of now, the planned 50 restaurants will all be within 350 miles of the production facility.

There is no scheduled date for the first restaurant, per FOX Denver, so it might be a waiting game for Coloradans before they can get their Double Doubles, but they have to be stoked that the popular restaurant is finally reaching them.