How To Deep-Fry Cadbury Eggs For Easter


It's that time of the year when those delicious little chocolate eggs and bunnies take over the front end of every grocery store in America.

While you've probably fried an egg before, you've probably never deep-fried a chocolaty, creme-filled Cadbury egg, and Amy Erickson of Oh, Bite It has the low down on how do it right.

The process is a little easier than you'd expect, which is awesome because you don't have lose your mind trying to create a fun little Easter treat.


The essential ingredients used are of course, Cadbury eggs, plus large egg roll wrappers, canola oil and powdered sugar if you want to give your eggs a little flare at the end.

You basically just put the egg in the center of the egg roll wrapper, brush water on the edges of the wrapper, fold it up tight and throw it in 350-degree oil until it looks like a crisp, golden nugget.

fried cadbury

For a more in-depth look at these deep-fried eggs, and more crazy recipes, check out Oh, Bite It for yourself.