Watch A Chili-Eating Legend Take On The World's Hottest Pepper

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What is it that scares you more than anything? Ghosts? The future? Cakes made of human? For many of us, it's chili peppers—big, juicy, hot ones that could potentially damage our digestive tracts.

Though, it's apparent some souls have no fear at all. In First We Feast's wing-eating challenge series, Hot Ones, host Sean Evans takes the Carolina Reaper Challenge alongside Danish chili-eating legend Chili Klaus (aka "the Michael Jordan of hot chilies"), to find out if he/they can stomach the world's hottest pepper: the Carolina Reaper.


Note the word 'Reaper' in the name, as in, one might come face to face with the Grim Reaper by messing with these peppers. But, knowing that and the fact that these are the hottest in existence doesn't scare off Sean and Chili Klaus. To see what happens, just watch: