Hits Only: The 5 Best Dishes I've Had This Week

There have been a few dishes that have stirred my soul; off the top I can think of the pork ribs at Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City and La Flor de Vainilla dessert at La Postreria in Guadalajara. Let's go ahead and add Hutchins BBQ's pork ribs to that short list. Guess I have a thing for pork ribs, can you blame me?


Smoked Pork Ribs
Hutchins BBQ — Frisco, TX

Love at first bite. Check out my reaction above and witness that rib expelling all the negativity in my soul with its smoky essence. Definitely treat yourself to everything else on the menu as a reward for the deliciousness you just introduced to your palate.

Santa Barbara Crab
Quality Seafood — Redondo Beach, CA


As a young and dumb kid, I used to throw away the whole crab shell thinking that all the guts inside weren't edible. Future me would have unplugged that kid's controller every time he tried to play Super Nintendo. Now, wisdom put me back on the right path to the rich flavors of the sea in a nifty little crab shell bowl filled with fluffy rice and unctuous crab fat.

Mekeni Pinoy's Pride — Artesia, CA

As much as you'd like to believe it, that cavernous crunch of pork skin was not amplified on a Sonos surround sound system. The fact that the thunderous crack yielded tender, glistening pork belly really is a testament to all you big teddy bears out there with the mean mugs and tough exterior actually being all-around great people.


Garlic Wings
Ruam Mitr — Los Angeles, CA

Whenever a recipe calls for two cloves of garlic, I throw in four. Paints the picture of just how much I love garlic's potency and savory perfume. Put that on a thick chicken wing with the crunchiest batter and I'm a happy guy.

Corn, Cilantro Dust
Verse — Toluca Lake, CA

I'll be honest with you, I don't exactly remember what this dish is called (yes, I tried looking up the menu). But what's more memorable to me was the fact that cilantro dust exists and how it perfectly landscaped the top of the roasted corn to turn it into an infinity pool of flavor.