High School Student Gets into College by Writing an Inspiring Essay About Ramen


Newsflash: Your college essay on how summer camp was your first taste of independence or why volunteering made you a better person did not make you a snowflake. An essay on your unapologetic love for ramen, however, will earn you a double take. Sometimes, that's all you need.

A high school student from Fuzhou, in the Fujian province of China, crafted his college application letter into a compelling story about the turn of events that led to his adoration for instant ramen. "I tried the noodles during my trip to the country, and my whole worldview changed the moment I ate it," Wang, a senior at Fuzhou No. 1 Middle School, wrote.


The discovery led to his quest to taste "nearly all flavors of noodles from Asian brands."

The heartfelt letter landed him a spot at the University of Rochester's Class of 2018. Soon after, Wang posted an except from his acceptance letter; keep in mind, the university asks applicants to "prize clarity and honesty above rhetorical flourishes":

Our emphasis on freedom makes us unlike other colleges, so the committee and I reviewed your application for much more than grades and scores.

I'm glad to know you're ready to embrace your independence, delve deeper into your interests, and study what you love.

Each Rochester student makes a critical, personal contribution to campus from day one. The counselors recommended that you be admitted in part after reading about your enthusiasm for Ramen noodles. The committee and I are confident you will both stand out and grow stronger as part of the Rochester family.


Congratulations, kid. Luckily for you, your college experience will be filled with more instant ramen than you've ever dreamed of.