Hershey's is Melting Candy Corn Down into a Chocolate Bar, Tastes Amazing


Hershey's has released a new candy corn flavored chocolate that will satisfy the sweet tooth of trick-or-treaters this coming Halloween.

Hershey was nice enough to send us a bag to try out the snack-sized goodies, they just happened to send it on the hottest day of the year in Southern California. So out of full disclosure, they came in melted and disfigured, and we had to throw the bag in the freezer to revive them.

Everyone in the office tried them, but we were immediately divided into #teamcandycorn and #teamcandycornsucks. As far as the team that didn't like candy corn at all, they just weren't impressed with the new candy. But the rest of loved them. As our publisher Elie Ayrouth put it, "This is nice. This is the kind of shit you put in your milk."



They did a good job of staying pretty consistent with traditional candy corn flavor, but with a creamy white chocolate after taste. In other words, it'd didn't taste like some weird version of candy corn.

The retail price for a bag of 20 is $3.25 and I won't lie, I'm getting these for myself. Screw trick-or-treaters. They can have some Tootsie Rolls.

PicThx Peter Pham