Dead Headless Squid Dances As It Comes Back To Life On Your Plate [WATCH]

We've seen animals come back from the dead and move around before, but we never thought it would happen intentionally. The fact that this headless squid dances on top of your meal on purpose is quite shocking.

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Multiple videos of this mobile squid have appeared online, all of which are slightly disturbing to watch. However, this is actually an extremely popular dish from Hakodate, a restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan. Called the odori-don, or "dancing rice," the squid is served on top of the bowl just after it's been killed.


Afterwards, you pour soy sauce on top of the seafood to get it to wriggle around on the bowl. According to Discovery, this results due to reactions between salt in the soy sauce and chemical receptors on the squid. These receptors then trigger muscle contractions, causing the squid to move around on the plate.

You then eat the squid with the food underneath afterwards, although Instagram user @ronomnom does note that it's hard to consume without scissors. Regardless, odori-don is a famous and viral delicacy that the world deserves to know about.

Whether you choose to eat it or not is up to you. However, we can all agree that these videos are definitely eye-openers.