HAWAIIAN PIZZA DIP Using A Pineapple As A Bowl [WATCH]


Foodbeast / Peter Pham

I love Hawaiian Pizza, and I love dip, but I'd never seen them married together -- until now.

You know the Hawaiian Pizza format, typically consisting of cheese, tomato sauce, ham and pineapple. You also know the dip format, some sort of less-than-solid substance you can scoop into your mouth using a solid edible object (like a chip, or piece of bread).

After brainstorming with the guys, we decided that a Hawaiian Pizza Dip should not let any part of the pineapple go to waste, so we decided to bake the pizza dip right into the pineapple remains.


Doing this was extremely easy to do, it just required us to cut the pineapple knowing we'd be using it for a bowl later (that means, just cut it down the middle and scoop out the pineapple instead of destroying the shell).

Make sure to keep a close eye on the pineapple in the oven, cooking with the leaves attached could get volatile. Keep the leaves away from the top rack of the oven, you don't want them catching fire.

Enjoy yourselves players, this is gonna be the prettiest dip you've ever enjoyed!