Check Out This Photo Of Guy Fieri From His Frat Days


We all know Guy Fieri as the rebel Food Network superstar with spiked hair and frosted tips, but it wasn't always that way -- not by a long shot.

There was a time when Fieri's 90s-looking boy band haircut was actually an 80s-looking stone cold mullet.

Somehow Total Frat Move got hold of this borderline-incriminating photo of Fieri murdering his scalp with a David-Bowie-esque hairstyle.

The photo was taken in 1988, while Fieri was ripping through UNLV's Alpha Tau Omaga fraternity.


The mullet isn't the only freaky thing about this pic, as it's pretty creepy seeing Guy without his patented goatee, and sporting a suit. There's just too much going on in this photo.

I'm sorry, not sorry. Enjoy.