A Skate Themed Burger Chain Just Unveiled An Epic New Burger For Charity

Usually when you eat fast food, you feel 1 of 2 ways: A) You're incredibly happy because the food you're eating is delicious and savory and scrum-diddly-umptious, or B) You feel guilty for your indulgence. You might even feel a mixture of both emotions, but with the "Bird's Nest Burger" in existence—you can feel good about yourself all around.

The Bird's Nest Burger is a sizable sandwich created by Grinderz, a skate themed burger chain based in Orange County, CA. It's topped with an egg that's been fried into an onion ring, and then is placed atop a 'nest' of fries.


The burger also comes loaded with avocado, tomato, a juicy grilled onion & jalapeno-stuffed beef patty, and is made with a whole lotta love. You see, with each purchase of a Grinderz' Bird's Nest combo (burger, fries & drink), a portion of proceeds benefit Orange County based nonprofit organization Project Hope Alliance.


Project Hope has worked to end the cycle of homelessness for years, primarily focusing on the needs of Orange County homeless and impoverished children and their families. They provide assistance with housing for poor families, and empower their kids to excel in school via mentorships, educational tools, and more.

With the additional generosity of Grinderz' Bird's Nest donations, they'll be able to help even more people in need, and that's something to chirp about.

You can pick up a #GrinderzBirdsNest combo at their Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa locations, and donate to Project Hope here.