This Eggs Benedict Swaps English Muffin for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Over the years, dozens of Eggs Benedict variations have come up -- the Eggs Mornay, the Eggs Hemingway, and the Country Benedict to name a few.  However, the best of them just arrived: the Grilled Cheese Benedict. Pure unadulterated genius is at work here. 

In this amazing variation, a grilled cheese sandwich replaces the traditional English muffin; while the eggs rest on top,  the bacon on the other hand  is -- guess where? In the middle of the bloody sandwich. Yes, in between the cheesy goodness is tasty, tasty bacon to add that final indulgent clincher.



"Another plus of using a grilled cheese sandwich as the base to my Eggs Benedict  that I discovered is that it soaks up the egg yolk WAY better than a toasted English muffin does," Nick writes. He further noted that grilled cheese sandwiches just "taste better" than English muffins. Sir, we wholeheartedly agree.

Picthx Dudefoods