This Portable Extension Transforms Your Grill into a Pizza Oven


Home cooks who make pizza know that as hard as you may try, sometimes you just can't nail that authentic wood-fire quality when making pizza from your humble kitchen. Good news, however, as there's a nifty contraption that brings you pretty close to that crispy crust and fluffy, warm inside. Former Kickstarter project, the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box features a clever extension that essentially turns your gas grill into an outdoor pizza oven.



The design of the Pizza Oven Box allows the temperature from an outdoor grill to simulate that of an authentic wood-burning pizza oven. This is achieved through the combination of a stone baking chamber and an enameled steel housing. It creates an air flow system that boosts the heat around the cooking chamber, turning 450F up to 750F. Along with pepperoni pies, the box also bakes breads and cookies, cooks fish and roasts meat and vegetables.

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box is available on Amazon for $127. A solid investment for the DIY pizza lover.