Gifted Baker Shows How To Make Gingerbread Cookies In 30 Seconds [WATCH]

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If you've never attempted to make gingerbread cookies for the holidays, apparently it's not as hard as you'd think.

For whatever reason, the YouTube channel keeps the baker's name anonymous and never shows her face, but you can still see her magical and talented hands put together these Christmas treats.

All you need is some flour, butter, sugar, an egg, gingerbread spices, honey and some decent mixing skills. If you have some cookie cutters, even better.


You don't need the craziest baking skills, but if you puff out your chest, have a little confidence and listen to the great instructions in this vid, you'll be baking little gingerbread dudes in no time.

Check out the video below and enjoy the cooking tips and tricks provided by this baker with enormous talent: