Papa John's Is Now Selling 8-Pound Jugs Of Their Garlic Sauce

Whether you like Papa John's pizza or not, one thing that most can agree on is that their buttery garlic sauce is the most superior thing on the menu, and instantly upgrades anything it's dipped or poured on.

Papa John is no fool. He knows the love for his garlic sauce exists, and for no fully logical reason, is selling 8-pound jugs of it.


Starting Friday, May 11, the jug will be available in Papa John's online merch store (Site goes live Friday), and will be selling for $20.

Their thinking seems to be that with that much garlic sauce at your disposal, you'll just use it on anything and everything. While I can't think of many more things it would go good with, other than pizza and breadsticks, I'm sure fans will get creative.

The monstrous jugs will certainly be a hot commodity, so if you're a big fan, grab one quick and put that stuff on anything your little heart desires.