New Study Reveals 1 in 10 Americans Admit to Eating Thanksgiving Leftovers for 7+ Days

Look, I'll admit to the fact that if the leftovers are still good, I'm fixing myself up a plate. If that just so happens to be a week later, why not? Delicious last week ain't really that far off from delicious this week. According to a new study by personal finance experts FinanceBuzz, 1 in 10 Americans feel the same way I do about Thanksgiving leftovers, indulging in them a week or more after as well.

The study was conducted on 1,200 U.S. adults and reveals other fun Thanksgiving tidbits like what is the most essential pie on the holiday, and more.


I'm more of a pecan pie fan myself, but not mad that pumpkin takes the top spot.

To view the entire survey results, check them out here.