Filipino Student Whose Real Name Is 'Drink Water' Becomes Unlikely Gatorade Ambassador

Photo: Instagram

Just admit it, water is the best beverage ever. It doesn’t have the sweetness of juice, or the bubbling tingle of soda, but it’s the OG. Despite water’s clear superiority, many attempts have been made to reinvent the wheel over the years. Of all brave products that have tried, Gatorade has probably come the closest. 


The brand's latest campaign might be one of their most perfect, as it revolves around a young male oddly-named Drink Water V. Rivera. And yes, that's actually his real name. In the commercial, Drink Water gives a brief history of what life was like growing up with such a unique name. Unsurprisingly, drinking water is a major part of his life and identity. So much so, that when he takes a sip of Gatorade at the end, onlookers are left in shock. 

Drink Water recently went viral after a classmate uploaded his student ID, sharing his name on social media. As if destined to increase water consumption, he uses his new found fame to encourage others. 

“I’m loving my name because as we were told in my advertising class, this is my branding. One of the key factors in good advertising is good branding and its impact, and I think it resonates with my name as people are amazed by my name,” Drink Water told Mashable.

Now he’ll be able to not only promote water, but Gatorade too, as the new face for their “Gatorade No Sugar” campaign. Check out the commercial below.