Company Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings That Feed Marine Life if They End Up in the Ocean


Saltwater Brewery, a craft beer company, wants consumers to toast to saving the ocean with their innovative edible six-pack rings.        

The company, based in Delray Beach, Florida, is responsible for creating 100% biodegradable six-pack rings that will feed marine animals rather than harm them if it ends up in the ocean. The rings are made of material consisting of barley and wheat left over from the brewing process.

In their video, Saltwater Brewery provided some alarming statistics. Americans alone drank 6.3 billion gallons of beer last year, which most typically was contained in cans. A majority of the plastic rings encasing those cans make their way to the ocean.



A million seabirds and countless other marine creatures are affected by the plastic. Sea turtles get caught in the plastic rings and develop deformities, and seabirds ingest plastic that never leave their systems.


The masterminds at Saltwater Brewery claim that the product design and material is just as resistant and efficient as the plastic packaging. They hope that consumers will be willing to pay a little extra to enjoy their beers and save the environment.



Additionally, if more breweries hop on board, it may drive the cost of production down and make edible rings competitive with plastic ones.123

As a result countless marine animal lives will be saved and people can definitely cheers to that.

Written by Laura Dang, NextShark || h/t: Huffington Post