Witness This Food Boner Inducing DORITOS-Crusted QDOBA BURRITO


Nick of DudeFoods is an OG in the deep-fried, shock-food-but-still-edible dish game around the Internet.

"What can I deep fry next?" he likely asks himself every night before he falls asleep, on a bed of what I assume to be some pizza pattern sheets next to a wife that has to be aggressively supportive of the grease trap that's inevitably every garment of clothing he traipses into the room after a day of, well, deep frying.


Over a Facebook chat I inquired, "What made you crust this bad boy in Doritos?"

It's a bit of an asinine question I realize. It seems like nothing is off limits for his deep fried agenda, but the way he lands on his impending subjects is of interest to me. He's deep fried an entire Reuben Sandwich after battering it in PBR, as well as making bacon peanut butter bites that, you guessed it, get deep fried to a deliciously oozing crisp.

"I did something similar with a Taco Bell Beefy 5 Layer Burrito a while back," Nick explains. The result was less-than-spectacular, particularly because the Taco Bell wrap was severely lacking in beef. He mentioned he had a "six month old gift card sitting around that they sent me to try their new tacos," so he did exactly what any self-respecting genius food blogger would do, forgo the tacos, buy a burrito instead, and deep fry it into some ridiculous chimichanga-Doritos-abomination.


There's nothing more I want to do in this moment than put my tongue deep into the crevices of this crispy, gooey fast food Doritos lovechild: