Domino's Is Fixing Our Roads So Pizzas Are Perfect Upon Delivery

You know that things have gotten bad in the local infrastructure when a pizza chain has to step in and do their work for them.

domino'sPhoto courtesy of Domino's


Domino's Pizza is just as fed up about the current state of our roads as we are. To help combat the issue of worn-down public infrastructure, the pizza titan is beginning to work with local municipalities to get roads paved in their area. Their motivation behind fixing the roads is so that pizzas stop getting jostled around and ruined en route to your home, according to a press release.

The work has already begun, with over 150 roads fixed across four metropolitan areas so far. Domino's has been working with the governments in Burbank, CA, Athens, GA, Milford, DE, and Bartonville, TX to get roads restored in those areas.


They're not actually hiring their own paving crews and fixing the roads, though. Instead, Domino's is giving grants out to these cities specifically for fixing their streets. Considering that public works funding has fallen over the past year while infrastructure's been getting worse, receiving the extra money to "stretch our street repair budget," as one city manager put it, is a welcome help.

Domino's is now listening to its customers to see where to fix the roads next. Those who think their roads need serious work can enter their zip code at a special website to ask the pizza giant to send money there. If someone's town is chosen, they'll be notified and the city will get some road repair grants.

It's refreshing that someone like Domino's is recognizing the problem with our roads and doing something about it. Hopefully, we won't have to make a habit of it.