Disneyland's Newest Food Lineup Is All About The Hidden Mickey Ears

Disneyland is known for sticking hidden Mickey figures and Mickey Mouse ears just about everywhere imaginable. You stare at a light panel long enough or look hard enough at a fence, and chances are you'll find one there.

There's also plenty of sweets with actual Mickey Ears on them, but the Disneyland food team is now subtly placing them within the savory dishes as well.

This new lineup of "Hidden Mickey Foods" is sure to be collector-worthy for those looking to have proof of every single hidden Mickey in the park. It comes out to correspond with the Get Your Ears On celebration, which will have Mickey and Minnie-themed everything scattered throughout the park all year long.

You'll have to keep your eyes peeled to find some of the most subtle ones. In a preview of all of the new food, Foodbeast's own Elie Ayrouth was only able to spot five, but there was potential for many more. For those wondering, the hidden Mickeys he found were in the above burger, a smoked salmon salad, a pizza, a mac and cheese hot dog, and the below Pad Thai spring roll.


While we did take more pics of the Mickey ear items, instead of throwing them all on this post, we felt it'd be more fun if you experienced finding them yourselves.

The new lineup of Mickey-centric foods are available throughout the duration of the Get Your Ears On celebration, which lasts the entire year.

All photos courtesy of Disneyland.