Denny's Rolls Out Mobile Relief Diner To Help Feed Hurricane Florence Victims

Hurricane Florence has been a devastating and tragic event, but it has also helped bring out the best in people and companies. Chick-fil-A, Jose Andres, and others have aided thousands already. They're about to get some help from a brand new "mobile relief diner" that Denny's just rolled out.

mobile relief dinerPhoto courtesy of Denny's


Created as a way to help those in need regardless of the crisis, Denny's new mobile diner is a customized 18-wheeler featuring a 53-foot kitchen. They can park anywhere and set up folding tables and chairs as needed while whipping up free pancake breakfasts to those who need them. Bacon, coffee, and other drinks will also be served.


Denny's has been testing the Mobile Relief Diner out in previous disasters, feeding over 14,000 people during Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the recent wildfires in Northern California. That version of it was temporary, and the new truck is Denny's improved and more permanent version of what they conceived during those events.

The Mobile Relief Diner team is already out in areas affected by Hurricane Florence, working closely with local officials and disaster relief organizations to identify the areas they can serve best. Those looking for a meal can track down the truck by following its official Twitter handle, @DennysMRD.

Relief for Hurricane Florence won't mark the end for Denny's new mobile diner, as they plan to send it out to wherever else needs it in times to come.