Deep Fried Nacho Cheese, Because This is Mexamerica

Some dudes on the Internet just get it. Nick is a food blogger that absolutely gets it. We've seen the guy create Chicken & Waffle Wings, we've seen him assemble a sandwich called The Cinnaburger, a utilitarian masterpiece called the Tacone and today, he brings us his latest deep fried abomination: Nacho Cheese.

Yes, you're reading right. Deep Fried Nacho Cheese. Nick took the contents of a six pound can of nacho cheese, poured it into an ice tray, froze the cubes, battered it in a mixture of egg, milk and corn flour. The substitution of the traditional flour with a corn flour allowed the breading to taste just like a taco shell.

Nick suggests a bit of sour cream for dunking purposes, and we couldn't agree more. Hell, I'd love to top these bites with some chili, sour cream, and an epidemic-inducing amount of bacon.


Question still stands: how will you be eating your Deep Fried Nacho Cheese?