What's Actually In This Kid's Taco Bell 12-Pack Will Make You Cry

I remember once crying for happiness when a friend brought over a Taco Bell party pack...I was on my last drunk legs --specifically, all four legs at my ex-girlfriend's apartment crawling towards a ringing doorbell.

My friend had debarked on a drunk food run an hour prior, presumably to retrieve the heavenly elixir that is a Taco Bell party pack. He arrived just in time, ready to plug our gaping mouths from vomiting-out a hard night's worth of drinking. I was in tears when he returned. I was happy, I was relieved he was alive, I was drunk, and when all the emotions of the evening climaxed into a drunk friend lugging in a cardboard suitcase full of tacos, I couldn't hold back my tears.

Does everyone feel this level of emotion when they see a box of tacos?!


To answer this question, enter YouTuber David Dobrik. He vlogs three times a week, each video timed to a perfectly tongue-in-cheek 4 minutes and 20 seconds run time, just ample enough to catch antics with his Jackass-worthy set of friends. In today's vlog, he visits his favorite Armenian household where he plans to play well-to-do pranks on a charmingly foul mouth little kid named Vardon. Vardon is the younger brother of Dobrik's friend and comedian Nick Antonyan (the same dude we reported was feeding donuts to cops a few months back).

Instead of the normal witty banter between the 21-year-old vlogger and the foul-mouthed, chubby-cheeked Armenian, we're made aware that young Vardon has been saving up change to purchase a vlogging camera to one day be as successful as his family's house intruder, David Dobrik. In what seems like a normal jab at Vardon's consistently well-fed figure, Dobrik plops a Taco Bell 12-pack on the coffee table.

As if his genuinely relatable reaction to a Taco 12-pack wasn't warming your soul enough, just wait until you see what's actually inside. Try not to cry:


Damn you David Dobrik. Damn you.

Thank you for making YouTube great again. Anyways, here's a parting .gif you can share with your friends who fuck with Taco Bell the way lil' Vardon does: