Breaded SPAM Patties Have Been Spotted For Sale In Costco

SPAM is known well over as the ubiquitous canned meat that goes great in everything from musubi to fried rice. Many of these creations, like SPAM fries, involve putting the meat product in the deep fryer.

It seems that SPAM's newest product is cutting out that step for us, as containers of breaded SPAM patties have been spotted at a Costco location.

Photo: Marc Kharrat // Foodbeast


Foodbeast Marc Kharrat spotted the containers at a Costco in Fountain Valley, California. The packs appear to contain over a dozen breaded pieces of SPAM inside, with a serving suggestion of 2 slices per meal. An entire pack (27 ounces) comes out to $9.59, which is about the same price as three cans of regular SPAM.

A search for the product online has failed to produce any results in both social media and internet website mentions, leading us to believe this is an entirely new product. Foodbeast has reached out to Hormel (the parent company of SPAM) for comment, and we hope to have more details on this product and where it's sold soon.

UPDATE [Jan. 27th]: We've gotten word from the team at SPAM that the patties are being sold in Costco locations in the Los Angeles and Hawaii areas, with plans to quickly expand them across the United States. Each package contains 18 slices of the breaded, frozen SPAM.