Chipotle Needs Gen Z Workers And It's Offering Benefits Like Free Therapy And Credit Assistance

Photo: Chipotle


Gen Z is flooded with student loan debt and the day to day lifestyle of expensive skincare routines, all while being overwhelmed. Chipotle took the facts and created a solution for Gen Z that also helps boosts their burrito bowl demands.

Chipotle announced it is seeking to hire 19,000 additional employees for its upcoming "burrito season," the company's busiest time of the year running from March to May. So, how do they expect Gen Z applications to come swimming in? By offering up a financial and mental health deal that is too good to pass up.

First on the enticing list, Chipotle said it would match up to 4% of an employee's salary through contributions to their 401(k) if they make their student loan payments so that "employees who qualify no longer have to choose between paying off student debt or saving for retirement."


The next element of being a teen and trying to become an adult is building credit. Chipotle will give Gen Z access to, which offers a high-tech Visa credit card that is specifically designed to limit spending so that customers don't fall into debt. Where was this when Millennials were looking for help?

And if that wasn't enough, Chipotle is also giving its new employees six free sessions with a licensed counselor, as well as access to tools, resources, and community support for legal, financial, and family matters.

"Empowering our talent is embedded in our company's culture," said Ilene Eskenazi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chipotle. "As we push toward our long-term goal of operating 7,000 restaurants in North America, it's crucial that we listen to and adapt to the needs of our team members, so they can grow with us."

These new perks make sense for Chipotle as more than 73% of their employees are Gen Z, and these new benefits cater to the challenges they are facing.