Behold, The Return Of CANDY CORN OREOS


There’s a great divide within the Foodbeast office right around this time of year. No, this split isn’t because of team rivalries that come with the football season. What separates the office has nothing to do with the upcoming election, either. Rather, it’s candy corn.

The Halloween candy has a devoted following in our hallways as well as a contingent that despise the bi-colored confectionary. So imagine the resulting cheers and eye rolls when I brought a bag of Candy Corn Oreos to the office earlier today.


Found at Target, the returning Oreo variant is only available for a limited time. Oreos’ candy corn flavor features two vanilla cookies sandwiching a half yellow and half orange creme.

Here’s what a few fellow Foodbeasts had to say about the fall cookie:



I thought they were pretty good. Better than the Swedish fish ones.


For a non-candy corn guy, I think the taste is good. But I don't think it tastes like candy corn.


It made me think they should try out a circus peanut flavor.



Candy Corn Oreos taste like Birthday Cake Oreos dressed up for Halloween.

You can find the pack in at the cookie aisle at Target for $2.99. Check out the video below to see what the original team thought of the cookies when they dropped.

Oreo fans may also remember Swedish Fish Oreos were also made available a short time ago.