Carl's Jr. Is Testing Soft Pretzels With BEER CHEESE DIPPING SAUCE


This morning, Elie came into the office with a bag of pretzels from Carl's Jr. Turns out he drove by one of the few locations that were testing Auntie Anne's soft pretzel sticks served with a beer cheese sauce.

The pretzels are available in orders of three pieces for $3.29 and five for $4.59. Each order comes with a container of a sweet beer cheese sauce you can dip your pretzels into.


Guess Carl's is revving up for Oktoberfest.


Last year, the burger chain released a similar product that featured pretzel bites stuffed with cheddar. This time, however, you're gonna have to get the cheese on pretzels yourselves.

We did get to try them back at the office. They definitely weren't bad and the cheese sauce was also pretty interesting. Kinda hope this makes a national release.