Brewery Hires Adorable Kitty Assassins To Handle Its Rodent Problem

One Chicago Brewery has had enough with the cities' increasing rat population, so they teamed up with a rescue and hired a feline named Venkman to take care of business.

Apparently the problem is so bad in Chicago that the city now even has a rodent task force! According to CNN, a woman in a surrounding neighborhood had exterminators come to her home to discover 400 rodents.


After the rodent task force's failed attempts, Tree House Humane Society came to the rescue and as a no-kill cat shelter they've found a way for the cats to have shelter while satisfying their instinctual hunting purpose. They enacted the ingenious Cats at Work Project, and the cats have been effectively keeping the rats away ever since.

Empirical Brewery had one particularly pesky rodent that they appropriately named "Jesus" because every time they turned a corner, they were startled to be staring into the eyes of a strangely large rat, and would mutter "Jesus" all too often. Jesus is now nowhere to be found after being faced with 4 new furry enforcers named Egon, Venkman, Gozer, and Raymond!

Here's one of them guarding the grain, like a boss.


The kitty extermination program turned out to be very cost efficient when considering the cost of monthly exterminating efforts that weren't doing the job. Furthermore, the brewers now have some friendly, furry company.

Empirical has hooked the cats up with a custom shelter that they've named "The Dark Tower," and it has become quite the attraction for people visiting the brewery.


You can follow Venkman and his squad's late night rat attack missions on Twitter here.

Photo Credit: Venkman The Cat