Anthony Bourdain Savagely Jabs The Kardashians While Watching A Pig Get Slaughtered

There are few celebrity families hated as much as the Kardashians. Even Anthony Bourdain, who seems like the coolest guy — ever — took the time to jab at Hollywood's most infamous family.

In one instance, during a Parts Unknown episode, Bourdain casually watched a pig get slaughtered and simultaneously started dropping hot fire about the Kardashian sisters.

For example:

"Even with the brain dead, the [pig's] heart keeps on beating... sort of like ... pick a Kardashian." -Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown


He didn't stop there. At one point, as someone was shaving off a pig's hair, Bourdain commented:

"Date night at Khole's house." — Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown

Sick burn!

The footage from this episode is a bit on the graphic side, but probably isn't any worse than an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"Let's hope Kanye never has to see this." - Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown